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The more you prep the better your photos will represent YOU!


While my grandmother's advice to practice your smile in the mirror is great advice, it's missing a little depth. I think a picture tells a story.  And since we have so much to our stories, I advise practicing more than just your smile in the mirror. Take some time to observe yourself in the mirror.  Think of the roles in your life and practice the "mask" you put on in each role!  It may feel like acting, but it's really you and the way people see you!  Go ahead and try it. Move your body and change your facial expressions. Get comfortable being the many parts of you.



This one’s tricky. You want to look like you, but for photos there are some things that just work better! Clothes that skim your figure are better than drapey choices. If you like a lot of color, layers work better than patterns, especially large patterns. Check for stains and remove lint and hairs in advance! Test your choices before your shoot.  Are you able to move freely? Do the clothes flatter your form? Do you look like YOU?  Take the time to really consider your wardrobe choices before your shoot.  You will feel much more confident on the day of your shoot.


And by all means text me your choices so I can prep your setups! 


Say the word and you can have hair and makeup arranged for you with a professional!


If you already know how you look and feel your best, just do that!  We want you to look like YOU.

Don’t forget your nails! Hands are a big part of your personality. Your hands WILL be in the photos!

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