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Photography can be a huge responsibility. People are counting on you to make them look great while also considering their purpose for the photos.  There are so many reasons why people come to me.

  • To create images of you that remind you that you matter. 

  • To create images of your loved ones that make your heart flutter whenever you pass them in the halls.

  • To create images that level up your business.

  • To create images that attract the right people to you. 

  • To create personal art pieces that make people stop and stare. 

  • To create intimate images that make space for you to connect with your body and spirit. 

  • To immortalize this moment.  To gift the future with moments of reflection. 

  • To capture your engagement and wedding in a way that speaks to your soul. 


Above all, I believe if you hire a professional photographer you should expect great service, expertly crafted photoshoots, and professionally developed photographs that can't be captured by just anyone!  This all requires a high level of creative, skillful, physical, mental, and time-intensive energy.    


Images submitted to the Portrait Masters Awards can won several badges and have been included in the top twenty for Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation.  

Check it out here:   Portrait Masters:



November 2021: Captivating Cover Award for Calabasas and Hidden Hills Living Magazine

August 2021: Shout-Out LA recognition.  Shout-Out LA

MOM OF THE YEAR for seventeen years and counting!  Check out my awards below!



I'm not going to bore you with how I fell in love with photography.  It doesn't really matter!  I DO love it.  It fills me with joy.  I love to create fabulous images.  But, having shot professionally for so many years, 18+ years on-and-off, I've learned that that taking pretty pictures is a small component of the business.  The most important thing for a people photographer to know is that people want a good experience as much as they want nice photographs.  There are SO MANY reasons people come to me for photography and I have to know how to provide that experience and give clients a product that pleases them in every different scenario. 


Asking the right questions is the most important element of planning professional, client-centered photography that goes far above and beyond point-and-shoot photography or phone pics.  

  • What kind of photographs do you want and/or need?  Fine art, magazine-style, professional branding, lifestyle social media content, etc.  Look through all the images on my website (and even Pinterest) and consider which styles resonate with you!  Don't worry, we can do more than one thing!

  • Who are YOU and how do you want to be photographed?  Clothing, style, mood, props, posing.

  • What unspoken message do you want to convey with images alone?  A tough lawyer?  A strong but kind eligible bachelor?  A friendly and knowledgeable life coach or realtor?

  • Do you need polished, professional images for your website and professional profiles AND casual lifestyle images to fill social media feeds, all while staying consistent with your brand? 

  • Are you celebrating a milestone or life change?  Turning 50, 80, 100?!  Did you get a promotion, retire or win the lottery?!  

  • Do you want gorgeous, forever-caliber portraits of you and/or the ones you love to pass down to generations? 

  • Do you want to include others or add them in later in the session?  Your family, a friend, a partner, etc.

  • Do you want to gift someone you love a photoshoot to make them feel special and express how much they mean to you?  An intimate session for a fiance or spouse?  A magazine-style (model-for-a-day) session for a good friend? A senior session with golden-light AND studio (model-for-a-day) fun?  


  • University-level courses, blah, blah, blah.

  • I shoot A LOT!  Far more than Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hour rule!  

  • Countless in-person workshops and online tutorials on posing, lighting, camera techniques, etc.

  • Hours of retouching seminars that retouched my soul. 

  • Never-ending awe and passion for cool, beautiful, or just freaking awesome photos!

  • Every time I enhance skills or learn new ones I am able to provide a better service for you!   



  • I am the worst at CULLING down the photos because I love them all too much.  I'm sure there's a YouTube video for that, but I can't seem to bring myself to study it.   

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