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Hi! I'm Gina!

I'm here for you.  If I have a camera in hand, it's hard for me to NOT photograph you.  People who know me, know that they WILL be photographed if they are in range!  My eyes are always looking for THE moment freeze it in time.  When it comes to portraits, I will help pose you into flattering positions, but I'm also always looking for the in-between, the natural, the candid, the real, and the authentic so that you look like you.  I'm hoping I can do that for you!

Having photographed people for 20+ years, I've learned that taking pretty pictures is a small component of a portrait business.  The most important thing for a "people photographer" to know is that the experience is as important as the photos.  Whether you're an actor needing scroll-stopping headshots, a professional needing to be known-trusted-and-liked, a mother wanting to remember the fleeting moments of motherhood, a daughter wanting to remember her mother forever in a storybook album, an animal-lover wanting to capture that love and see it everyday up on a wall, or just a human celebrating being alive, the EXPERIENCE is the most important aspect of photography.  If you didn't love your experience, you will not love your photos because that memory will live in the photos.  This is so important to me!  


People need to feel safe, relaxed, and at ease in front of the camera.  The Catch-22 is that most people feel awkward, uncomfortable, and strange having their photos taken!  It's my job to put them at ease to get photos that really express who THEY are, or who and what they love.


A little mental prep can go a long way towards making this happen!  Please click here to see some tips to help you prep!



  • University-level photography courses, blah, blah, blah.

  • More than10,000 hours of photography and editing practice!  

  • Relentless continuing ed via in-person workshops and online tutorials on posing, lighting, camera techniques, retouching, editing, etc. 

  • Never-ending quest for being inspired by cool, beautiful, and awesome photos!

  • A love for capturing people and the world as a story and as art. 



Accredited Portrait Masters Photographer with several silver badges and two top twenty wins.  

Check it out here:   Portrait Masters:



November 2021: Captivating Cover Award for Calabasas and Hidden Hills Living Magazine

August 2021: Shout-Out LA recognition. 

Shout-Out LA

MOM OF THE YEAR for nineteen years and counting!  Check out my very best awards below!

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