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Personal Branding

Go beyond headshots.  Increase your know-like-and-trust factor by showing who you are to the world.  Investing in your image pays off dividends for your business!  It also pays off for your dating life! 




  • A consultation call to fully go over your shoot.  We will customize the shoot to fit you and your specific wants and needs.  We will talk about how to prepare, including styling and skin prep.  

  • A personalized 2+ HOUR photoshoot in 2-3 locations of your choice ($85 travel fee 20 - 50 miles outside of Calabasas, CA) with guidance and care so you have the most amazing experience!  

  • An online proofs gallery delivered within one week for you to view your images.

  • 30 images for editing (color) and light retouching (i.e. noticeable blemishes). 

  • The images will be delivered digitally as web-optimized files within two weeks of your selections    



  • Additional lightly edited images are available from your proofs gallery in increments of 5 images at $199 for each set of five.  If you are big social media user, this is for you! 

  • Fully retouched images are available from your proofs gallery.  Usually, these are chosen as main headshots.  These are fully polished images, retouched to fix hair flyaways, minimize wrinkles within reason, smooth skin responsibly, and clean up background distractions.  These images stand out and get used often!  

1-2 images, $200 each.

3-5 images, $150 each.

6+ images, $125 each.


Most people spend $899-2999.   




Professional hair and makeup styling is optional and available for women (and men) as a valuable add-on if you'd like your look to be put in the hands of an expert.  Plus, it helps to reduce stress on shoot day knowing your look will be covered.

Hair and Makeup


Your styling speaks volumes about you! 

Make sure you say the right thing! 

Personal Branding Photography in Los Angeles California


  • Make sure undergarments do not show through, bra straps are not visible (unless it is intentional), and that the top fits the way you like. 

  • Make sure it matches the vibe you are trying to project, powerful, funky, hip, down-to-earth, etc.

  • Solid colors work best.  Or something with a minimal pattern.  The layering of colors often works, too!

  • For women, form-fitting tops are best.  But not too tight.  Bulges are worse than draped, shapeless fabrics. 

  • Wear pants, skirts, or shorts that coordinate with the top (it's likely that many shots will go below the waistline).

  • Avoid logos

  • Avoid wrinkled material.

  • Avoid material that is transparent or see-through.

  • Keep accessories to a minimum and remember to remove hair bands from wrists!

  • Test your clothing choices long before your shoot day to make sure it all works!

  • Bring alternates with you on the day of the shoot in case of a wardrobe malfunction or in case you would like more than one look.

  • Make sure your clothing is free of lint and hair on the day BEFORE coming to your shoot! 


  • Fresh and clean makeup is best for headshots.  Save the stage make-up for the stage.    

  • Bring powder or a compact in case the day is hot, to eliminate unwanted shine. 

  • Bring lipstick or lip balm.  The hardest thing to fix in retouching is a poor lipstick application. 

  • DON'T WEAR glasses right before the shoot unless you intend to keep them on throughout the shoot.  They may create lines/indentations on your face. 

  • Style your hair in a way that you recognize as you.  Style it as if you were going to a semi-formal party and you want to look nice, but still you!     

  • Hair can be up or down, but make sure it is clean and brushed (or tamed in some way if you have the kind of hair that can't be brushed).  Please spray it to minimize hair flyaways.  

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