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Meet Dan

Dan runs a media marketing company that focus primarily on the automotive industry.  His clients hire him and his company to help them increase their profit margins through great advertising and marketing.  As an expert in the field, Dan knows that professional photos are imperative to gaining the trust of his ideal clients.  Showing high standards for his own company gave the correct impression to clients that he would work just as hard to meet their high standards when it comes to marketing their products and creating an online presence for their company.    

Dan's Story

Every company has a story and your website visitors want to get a feel for yours when they look at your online content.  Dan is a friendly guy with a personable staff.  He's also a perfectionist when it comes to meeting his client's wants and needs.  Dan knew he had to match the high standards in which he holds his company accountable to clients when it came to his own company's marketing images. 

Meet The Kahn Media Team

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