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"Top Tips for Getting Cast in Your Next Acting Gig using headshots!"

Hey there! I'm excited to share something exciting with you that I believe can transform how you get noticed by casting directors.  It's as simple as this, build a brand and stop the scroll.


Are you tired of submitting your headshot into the ether and never hearing back? It's likely that casting directors are scrolling past your headshot or they're confused about how to cast you.  Luckily, it's an easy fix.  Elevate your actor's brand to convey a clear and precise persona so casting directors know how to cast you and follow some easy-to apply tips for your headshots. Here are some very important things to prepare before you even walk into a headshot photo session.  Don't waste your time and money until you've considered each and every one of them! 

  • Know how people see you. THIS is your brand. If you asked someone who doesn't know you how they would cast you, it may be very different than how you see yourself!  Take a good hard look at yourself and create very specific looks that take advantage of first-impression psychology. What age/s could you be cast as? What gender identity would you likely be cast as?  What overriding and specific occupation + character trait will you exhibit (i.e. studious student, rebellious student, uptight scientist, mad scientist. etc.)?  Think of yourself as a house for sale. You need to SHOW the visonally uninspired potential buyer what's possible for the house.  Making your brand very clear and precise makes the casting director's job easier and they will cast you because of it!

  • Add a pop of color.  Casting directors see thousands of photos, constantly!  One way to stop their scroll is to add an eye-catching color esthetic.  This can be in clothing, hair, or the backdrop.  Consider your chosen “looks” and where you might best add that pop of color.  Consult with the headshot photographer about how they can contribute to adding a pop of color in the background, if necessary.

  • Practice “telling a story” with your look.  I don't mean, ham it up or overact.  But if your character is bubbly and cheery, the sparkle in your eyes should shine with joy.  If your character is dark and mysterious, the sparkle should have mystery and intrigue.  One tip during your headshot session is to look through the lens and imagine a scene partner who is either adversarial or supportive.  Your headshot is your first impression regarding your acting skills and HOW TO CAST YOU!


I believe that amazing, scroll-stopping visuals are possible for everyone.  And I mean truly everyone — if a little pre-shoot work is put in and you take a little time to collaborate with your headshot photographer.  And hey, if you choose to work with me I'll be there to help you along during the shoot. As an actor, myself, I know the struggle is real and I'm here for you!  Let's create amazing visual storytelling so your headshots land you not just the audition, but the role! 


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