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headshots, profile pics, and personal branding - not a horror story!

Photos don't HAVE to be scary.

I photograph people. Please don't run away! I promise I will not pick up my camera until you're ready. I've photographed people for over 20 years and in that time I've notice that 99% of people say some variation of this, "I'm not really the photographable type." I discovered that it's my job to help them feel like, actually, everyone is the photographable type. Literally everyone has a right to be here and therefore, everyone is worthy of being seen. People seem to think that if they don't look perfect, it's not a great photo. While I try to get them to understand that actually, it's the exact opposite. The more imperfect, the more intriguing the photo! And no, you'd be right... that doesn't work and no one ever believes me when it comes to a photo of themselves. So, at the very least I just have to get them to understand that kind of imperfect is how we all are and a real photo (in great lighting) is better than a fake one, or none at all.

So that's me, a photographer who yes, likes photography (as we all do), but who also tries to get you to have fun and relax so your photos look like you (not the version of you who is running away from a monster). People always look their best when they are feeling good.

SIDE NOTE: I have a lot of acting training, too! That helps to bring out some other sides of your personality that you may not otherwise show a stranger!

Teachers need branding photos, too!
Personal Branding Photo

This is me. I'm acting like a teacher, because I was one once!

From this blog, you can expect to hear about the experiences of clients who are all "not the photographable type" but who all did it anyways! Because, isn't it nice to be able to pull from a folder of photos of yourself that you actually like when you HAVE to show yourself online?

trust me. you need headshots, profile pics, and personal branding photos.

I once worked as a matchmaker and you wouldn't believe how bad the photos were that people sent in! The photos were fuzzy or taken at strange angles or in terrible lighting or the person had on the worst possible outfit and I could go on and on. But the people had no idea just how bad their photos were. Many times no one would agree to go on a date with these people because their photos were so bad. Just think, all it would have taken is a good photographer and they could have found love, thus altering the course of their whole lives! Trust me. You need photos!

don't run or hide from getting your headshots, profile pics, and personal branding photos taken!

The moral of the story is, that while the camera may be scary, using photos that don't represent you well or that actually make people want to run from you is scarier than the camera! Really! Plus, a good photographer makes it feel like a family-feel-good movie rather than a horror! What would you prefer when you need have a photo of you at the ready? An embarrassing photo because that's all you have and don't want your photo taken? Or a photo you can feel good about?

Head on over to see what Personality Profiles are all about. Check out my website and let's get started getting you some great headshots/personal branding shots that you will love and can use anywhere you need great photos of yourself!

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