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Personal Branding Photography is essential to clearly show who you are.  Whether you are a business owner, a freelance professional, a hobbyist side-hustler, or someone who is single and dating, being crystal clear about who you are with images, words, and actions helps those seeking you or your services to know if you'll be a match.  It actually SAVES TIME AND MONEY in the long run!  Great personal branding images appeal directly to your ideal client or target audience so you don't waste time on people who aren't going to positively serve you or your business.  It creates a succinct vision of you and the unique services, messages, products, or attributes you have to offer.  It attracts the RIGHT people to you and creates the know-like-and-trust factors that are so very important before potential clients or mates take that first step with you or your business.  


Personal branding has two components, you and your target audience.  As much as we want everyone to like us, not everyone will.  And that's ok.  Whether for business or personal reasons, we only want to attract the people who are right for us!  False representation is catfishing and it's a waste of time and money!  It actually works in your favor to only attract people who will value you and what you have to offer. 


If you run a business, your brand includes your colors, graphics, logo, images of you, and more.  These visuals work together to create a recognizable brand that easily identifies your products and services and differentiates you from competitors.  Personal branding images provide you with invaluable content for a comprehensive website, marketing campaigns, updates on social media pages, and more!  A business with a solid personal brand is consistently presenting its values, services, and purpose in a way that is professional, visually interesting, informational, and cohesive.  Messages about you and your unique story are important, but images allow customers to put a face to the messages which is imperative to building trust and likeability.  In today's world it is necessary to be seen and known before a customer will walk through your door or drop a DM.  

The personal branding approach to your online presence also works wonders if you are single and dating.  Images are vitally important because  you are being scrutinized as an individual rather than a service or product.  People who love us, love us even when we are curled on a coach with the flu with our hair in greasy tendrils.  But they had to fall in love with us first!  Personal branding images show you, the authentic you, in your very best light so there is space for that to happen.  The best way to approach it is to dig deep within and be honest with yourself.  If you were a car, what kind of car would you be?  A rugged, 4-wheel drive vehicle up for anything, a Harley motorcycle headed to Sturgis, or a Bentley, treated with kid gloves and polished often?  What kind of person would purchase you?  Your clothing, locations, props, and activities will all work toward creating the most individualized representation of you to attract the right person for you.  One of the greatest joys in life is love.  Don't waste another minute without it because you are attracting the wrong people with a poor representation of your true self online.  Invest in the greatest thing life has to offer, love. 


Branding Photography Los Angeles Calabasas
Corporate Headshot Los Angeles Calabasas
Corporate Headshot Los Angeles Calabasas





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Branding Photography Los Angeles Calabasas
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May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.




Branding Headshot Los Angeles Calabasas
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