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Celebrate a lifetime.

Why Portraits? Why Now?

There is nothing more important than time and love.  Portraits capture both in one moment. 

There are two important reasons to create beautiful portraits of you and the ones you love. 


Let's start with portraits of you.  Beautiful portraits of you are the perfect way to love and honor the incredible vessel that takes you through life.  Your body carries you through your human experience, allows you to hug, kiss, feel, cry, and laugh.  Beautiful portraits help you see how incredible and significant you are as a whole human being.  They are also so important for the ones you love, so that they may have images of you to cherish forever.   


That brings me to the second reason portraits are so important.  Sometimes, when I can't recall a specific memory of someone I have loved and lost, I need only to look at a portrait to open the flood-gates of emotion and memory.  A beautiful image is enough to remind me to appreciate my loved one and the time I had with them. Locked into my mind's eye are the images of my grandmothers looking beautiful in formal portraits as children, teens, brides, and mothers.  These images were proud and prominent on the walls of their homes.  The images made me see them as full human beings who had grown and loved and hurt and learned and all the things that make up a life.  They were not stuck in the here and now.  I want that for my children and their children, too.  


Quality, timeless portraits, that are treated as heirlooms are noticed and cherished forever.


A portrait session should take you from the initial thought, to the creation, to the final exquisite product so you don't have to worry about a thing, just spend your time honoring yourself and your loved ones.  

Beautiful Reflection
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