the experience

What to expect

Studio photoshoots are an experience like no other.  You will be pampered and treated like the special unique person that you are.  You will be guided and styled so that the resulting images take your breath away and remind you of how beautiful you are and how special you felt on the day of your shoot. 




After you fill out the contact form on my contact page I will get in touch with you to discuss your wants and needs with studio portraiture.  I will tell you a little bit about how I work to create my studio portraiture style.  And we will discuss the prices listed on this page.   


If you decide to book, we will schedule your photoshoot date.   To secure the date you will pay the deposit fee and sign a service contract.



During your consultation, I will try to find out as much as possible about you to ensure I create the right experience for you!  For example, I will ask if you want to be photographed alone or if there are any others you want to be photographed with.  I will ask how you want to be photographed, casually, formally, with props, minimalist, etc.  I will ask how many outfits you would like to wear, 3-5.   I will ask what colors and styles you would like to be photographed in and if you would like to use any items from my studio wardrobe.  I will ask many more questions and also leave room for you to ask questions as well.

We will go over all your expectations for the shoot so that I can plan and produce the images you are hoping for!

My intention is that you leave this session fully informed, excited, and ready for your shoot date!



  When you arrive for your photo session you will be immediately pampered by a professional with expertise in makeup and hair meant for photography.

If you are coming with hair and makeup ready, then we will begin the shoot as soon as you arrive.

 The photoshoot will last about 2 hours or longer depending on the plans discussed at your consultation.  The number of set changes and clothing changes will depend on decisions made during our consultation.  I will be using natural light and studio light setups to create a variety of images from which you will choose at your viewing and ordering session. 



Two weeks after your shoot you will get to view and order your images!  We can do this in person or via a shared screen on *Zoom.  You have no obligation to purchase any images, but it has not happened yet that anyone has not loved their images! 



  • DEPOSIT FEE: $350.  The deposit fee includes HAIR AND MAKEUP for one person.  Each additional person is $150 for hair and makeup.  If you do not want hair and makeup, you will receive $100 towards your image purchase.  The deposit fee also includes ONE IMAGE, artistically perfected and provided as an 8x10 matted print and as a digital file.       

  • ARTISTRY:  It takes great time, imagination, and skill to artistically render fine art studio portraits.  These images are designed to be printed and cherished for generations.  Fine art studio portrait images are my most luxurious offering.

  • PRODUCTS:  Graphistudio, based in Arba, Italy, provides the highest quality prints, mattes, and folio products I have found on the market.  Please see below for pricing information. 

  • ENLARGEMENTS:  In addition to Graphi Mega Mattes, I have commissioned a local print and framing craftsman for framed enlargements.  Prices are based on many factors but start at $400. 

  • CANCELLATION:  Sessions must be canceled 2 weeks in advance to receive a refund.  If it is within the 2 week cancellation period you may reschedule your session or forfeit the session fee.  Unfortunately, this is a necessary precaution to ensure the health and viability of the business! 


Forever Packages

8% sales tax will be added to your final order
*Accompanying digital files printable to 8x12 are provided for each purchased image
* High-resolution digitals to print your own enlargements are $350


Forever Yours


8 Images

  • Artistically Crafted Images

  • 8x12 or 8x10 Fine Art Prints

  • 11x14 White Archival Mattes

165 per image


Forever Gold


13 Images

  • Artistically Crafted Images

  • 8x12 or 8x10 Fine Art Prints

  • 11x14 White Archival Mattes

  • 1 11x14 Leatherette-Bound Reveal Box (see product image above)

155 per image

200 Reveal Box


Forever Legacy

18 Images

  • Artistically Crafted Images

  • 8x12 or 8x10 Fine Art Prints

  • 11x14 Archival Mattes (black or white) 

  • 1 11x14 Leatherette-Bound Reveal Box (see product image above)

145 per image

190 Reveal Box


Forever Love


25 Images

  • Artistically Crafted Images

  • 8x12 or 8x10 Fine Art Prints

  • 11x14 Archival Mattes (black or white)

  • 1 11x14 Leatherette-Bound Reveal Box or Leatherette Portfolio Wrap Case in black or white (see product images above)

135 per image

150 Reveal Box or Portfolio 

A La Carte

prints and mattes




Classic and elegant deep matte touch HD paper prints in archival black or white mattes.

  • $195  8X10 or 8x12 print in an 11x14 black or white archival matte 

  • $165  5x7 print in an 8x10 black or white archival matte



Mattes and

framed enlargements


Available by request and furnished by a local frame and print craftsman to create a custom art piece for your home or chosen space.  


Jawdropping enlargements printed on HD archival paper in thick archival mattes ready for placing on a wall and/or framed.

  • $249  11x16 print in a 15x20 matte 

  • $314 16x24 print in 23.5x31.5 matte

  • $480 20x30 print in a 28x38 matte

  • $999 30x45 print in a 38x53 matte

boxes and wraps

I believe fine art images should each be considered unique and special.  This is why I do not offer albums that mesh all the images together.  Boxes and wraps house each individual print separately allowing each one to shine beautifully as its own masterpiece.  Boxes are bound in Italian Leatherette.  Leather and Linen are available upon request.   

Folio Box


  • This classic folio box discretely houses your prized images in timeless style. 


Reveal Box


  • A unique folio box that turns into a frame where images on display can be changed at will.


Legacy Box


  • A jewel of craftsmanship this treasure chest for precious art comes with a canvas lid printed with your favorite image.


Portfolio Wrap Encasement


  • 11x14 beautiful leatherette wrap in white or black that protects up to 20 of your favorite matted prints in luxurious style.