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Feel the Love

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

sometimes you just want to capture a moment in time without all the flare, unless it's sun flare. But don't forget to print!

As much as I love to design the lighting and style for a shoot and as much as I love to add artistic embellishes to enhance my portraits, sometimes, photography is just a simple and fun way to capture the personality of a person in a moment. Phones are everyone's pocket photographer for hire, but don't forget to print!

“Phones are everyone's pocket photographer for hire, but don't forget to print!”

Phone cameras keep getting better and better. And while they are there to capture memories, you're not usually inspired to set up dynamic lighting or dress up for those shots. But the most important problem with phone images is that there are no prints!

Hold the love in your hands

I have shoe boxes of pictures from when my children were young that I pull out from time to time and flip through, savoring the memories of their youth. But then there came a point when I only used my phone for quick, in-the-moment photos and now I don't have any prints from those years. I didn't file them the same way I filed my "real" shots and the idea of printing them was daunting so I just didn't. I regret ever getting too lazy to lug my SLR, then DSLR around. It made me take lazy phone shots that weren't great and too difficult to sift through to pick the good ones to print. But I wish I had.

I recommend organizing your files or using the Google app feature that sorts your images for you. And print! There is nothing like holding the love in your hands. That is why I run my business the way I do. Some photographers offer digital packages only, but printing is the hurtle that I see is hardest for most people to overcome. Setting up my system in such a way that requires printed images is a way to add value to the images and give people something that has been taken away by the advent of phones. Holding the love and feeling it in your hands.

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