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Imperfection is the Sexiest

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Sexy isn't perfect. Perfect makeup. Perfect eyelashes. Perfect hair. Sexy is acceptance and confidence in your own skin. I've never loved the boudoir genre of photography as it is. Perfect hair and makeup that takes over an hour to complete and transforms women into versions of themselves that are no longer real. I, personally, feel my most beautiful on days when I am just happy with my hair, skin, and body bulges on a very basic level. When I am content with the face and body I'm living in as it ages and changes. As a photographer, it's important for me to offer images that I, myself, would want. That's how my Messy Wild boudoir-ish shoots were born. I am not trying to impress a man or glorify myself as a goddess. I just wanted to feel wild and free, like I did when I was young and music filled up my hole body until I was dancing, throwing things, pulling my clothes off and feeling jazzed and carefree. I had (and have) a wild imagination and sometimes the thought of a cute boy I liked watching me dance with no inhibitions gave me a little buzz. Now that I'm older, I don't think of boys like that, but I do think, "good for you, girl, still having fun all alone."


"As a photographer, it's important for me to offer images that I, myself, would want."


Here are some photos of me testing the concept with self-portraits. While I'm fully dressed, I 'm pretty happy that I caught the vibe I'm going for, messy and wild. Which is also totally appropriate for the wild suburbs of Los Angeles. In the wilds of the Conejo Valley just west of Calabasas, my crazy dogs chase coyotes on a daily basis. Maybe my next boudoir-ish genre will be "running with coyotes."

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