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Projects from the Heart

“When you work on anything, do so with purpose.”
Debra Eckerling

I've enjoyed photography for a very long time. But saying that almost sounds selfish. I have enjoyed it but have I used it to bring forth joy for others? Although I serve my clients and their needs and they tell me it brings them joy, I wanted to go one step further. Thus, Special Projects were born!

This first one just seems to make the most sense. My 20 Under 21 Project, for school kids to have a platform to tell their Covid stories.

I have two teens and so teens tend to gravitate towards me. You may have noticed from my gallery! Watching my teens struggle through distance learning, I wanted to hear from other students about how their lives and their outlooks have changed since everything went topsy-turvy in the pandemic. I'm kicking off my 20 Under 21 Campaign for kids to have a fun experience, feel special, and tell their stories. Then they will be invited back to a gallery exhibit which will hopefully allow them to see that they are not alone while also making them feel extra special.

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