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It Takes All Kinds

It takes all kinds to make the world a rich, curious, and exciting place. It's ok to LOVE all the kinds.

Throughout my photography journey, I've fallen in love with a variety of styles. I've fallen in and out of love and back again with all kinds. I've done lifestyle weddings, fashion shoots, newborns, photojournalistic sports, and of course, just fooling-around shots with my family. With each iteration of my journey, I've picked up new skills and ways of seeing things along the way. Now the camera is like an extension of my arm and photography is second nature.

“It's ok to LOVE all the kinds.”

Just like me, you have probably seen images that wow you, but are so different from the ones you loved just the day before that you wonder if there is room to love so much variety! There really is no stopping it. There is so much creativity in the world that the phenomena will never end. As a photographer, it makes you wonder who you are and how to offer yourself to the world.

Home Base Is a Great Place From Which To Explore

Creatives, especially photographers, really struggle with focus. Pun intended! It's hard to narrow yourself down to a single story. It's hard, because as humans, we have so many stories to tell, not just one. The trick is to find the right genre in which to tell a particular story. That might be different per story! Fairy tale, sci-fi, romance, etc. It's good to have a favorite, but it's also ok to love them all and chose the right genre for a particular story. Some authors write a single genre, and some choose two or three, but usually have a main choice. The main genre is like home base, a safe place to come back to after a trip around the bases. It was fun to be on the other bases, but home feels the best. That's how I finally decided to focus most of my energy on studio portraits. It feels the best. It gives me the most opportunity to be creative with lighting, props, and editing.

Clients have stories, too! They should be able to pick the photographer who will tell their story the way it needs to be told at the time. I decided to focus on and become the best at studio portraiture that I could be so that if my style resonates with someone, I would have the skills to tells their story in my favorite genre. People always have new stories to tell. It's great that we live in a time when they have so many choices in photographers for how to tell their stories! While I hope I'm that photographer for you and your current story, I'm well aware that sometimes you just want a beach photo that captures a loving, happy vibe, or chill mood, as in the image of my daughter above.

I still love the other genres, but my home base is studio portraiture! It takes all the bases and all the kinds to make the game fun, but I will always feel best on home base in my favorite genre.

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