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I Took That!

As a photographer, it's an a amazing feeling to see how much my work has impacted people in a positive way. I get to see images I've taken on everything from profile photos, to Instagram stories for business, to Facebook posts about personal events, to posts that help promote new businesses, and so much more. At least five times a day I get a little buzz and get to think, "I took that!"

For businesses, I'm so behind the scenes that you'd never know it was me who took the photo. People who run businesses are often too busy or in a hurry to think to tag me when they've used one of my images on a post. But either way, I get excited when I see my work posted by clients.

For business or personal brands, having lots of images to pull from throughout the year for posting on social media is imperative to staying consistent and in front of the eyes of customers. It's best to have a mix of professional and personal i

mages to show you are a legitimate business and also a real person! Here are just a few of the companies that I've helped make more money with great images!!

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