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Fun Over Fifty

The fun just begins when you turn fifty! Start it off with a bang!

This lovely couple celebrated fifty years of life in the best way possible, with a huge shaBANG! Fireworks on the cake, a belly dancer, fresh sushi, a wood fire oven, an organic drinks bar, more fresh fruit and desserts than you would find at a great king's castle, and over 150 guests. Lisa, who organized her husband's party was smart to hire a photographer. After all that work to make the night magical, it should be remembered! I had done Lisa's corporate headshots and thankfully she remembered me and called me again! I LOVE repeat customers more than anything because that's how they become friends!

I'm always moving fast so I didn't take the time to curate all the best images out of the hundreds I delivered, but here are a few photos that capture the spirit of the night!

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