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Body and Soul and Sequins!

I'm loving this type of photography right now. It's boudoir-ish, but not quite boudoir. I call it my Body and Soul genre. It's just me and another beautiful soul reminding each other to love the bodies that hold our souls!

Honor your body. Dress it up in sequins and lace. Dress it down in linen and cotton. Don't dress it at all. Our bodies are there. Let's show them a little respect! Honor all the signs that show up on it that mark we've lived and loved. All the things that have happened to it along the way and yet it's still working. We are still alive. No matter our age, our bodies are always changing and reflecting what's happening inside and out. Why do we all try to fight that so much?

In my case, my neck wrinkles bother me. But then I remind myself that those neck wrinkles came from bending it a thousand times to look down at my babies. My elbow creases came from bending my arms a thousand times to enjoy tight hugs with friends and family. The excess skin around my mid section reminds me I am human and don't always have a consistent relationship with food. All these things that show up on my body and are a direct refection that I am living. I'm not tucked away in a box!

I don't really call this boudoir because it's whatever a woman wants to make of it while honoring her body. And even if she just can't get to the point of honoring it due to all the social programming around what's beautiful, I really push her to at least understand that the people who love her love everything about her, body and soul. They would never see the things she hates about herself as ugly. They see them as things that make her unique and beautiful. Doing this type of photography has really showed me that it doesn't matter if the most beautiful woman by society's standards walks in the room, she still has things she hates about herself. It's eye opening and alarming that we've been so programmed by society to feel less than based on our imperfections. But the irony is that the imperfections are what make us interesting, lovable, and more importantly, mean that we survived to live another day in our incredible bodies.

Honor your body however you want in your photo session with me! I swear the lover in your life will love you even more for it! Do it in sequins, do it in lace, do it in linen, do it in nothing! However you want. Just do it! Every session is so unique because every woman is unique!

A lot of woman like to have an excuse for this, like she is getting married and needs a gift for her soul mate, which is amazing and great, but either way, this session comes with an album so that you have the images right at hand to easily remember that you're a goddess every day just by living and loving in the body you have.


Honor it in sequins!


Honor it in linen!


Honor it in lace!


Whatever you do, just honor it! You are loved, body and soul!

Photography services are based in Agoura Hills, California and serving Los Angeles and Ventura counties including Thousand Oaks, Calabasas, Westlake Village, Malibu, Oak Park, Hidden Hills, West Hills, Woodland Hills, Newbury Park, Moorpark, Simi Valley, and beyond!

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