Lifestyle Photography

the experience

What to expect

Lifestyle photography is meant to be casual and laid back.  I try to capture you and your loved ones (or just you) as naturally as possible.  I believe lifestyle photography is meant for personalities to shine! 




After you fill out the contact form, I will contact you to schedule a call.  We will discuss timelines and your intention for your outdoor lifestyle photos.  I will tell you a little bit about how I work to create great images.       


If you decide to book, we will schedule your photoshoot date.   To secure the date you will pay a deposit of half the session fee.



Between the booking and the session, I will be available to advise you on clothing choices based on the style guide (below).  You can text me with photos of the clothes you plan to wear for the shoot and I will give you as much feedback and guidance as possible to get beautiful photos!



Please arrive at the designated location 5-10 minutes early.

 The session will last one hour.  We will move around a lot to find the best natural light options that are the most flattering for you and or your family. 



You will receive a gallery of low-resolution globally-edited photos from which to choose your favorite 20 to be lightly retouched and made to look the best possible.  


$250 will hold your session day and time and does not include hair and makeup.  An additional $75 will be paid at this time if you request a beach location.  

The remaining $250 is to be paid directly after your shoot.  The total investment is $500 or $575 if you request the beach.


Full retouching can be requested for an additional fee of $49 per image. 

  • Images are printable to 8x10 resolution.  If you would like enlargements you can purchase them directly through the gallery. 

  • You are will also be able to download them to your device and share them however you like.  

Sessions must be canceled 2 weeks in advance to receive a full refund.  If it is within the 2 week cancellation period you may reschedule your session or forfeit the session fee.  Unfortunately, this is a necessary precaution to ensure the health and viability of the business! 



Style Guide

–Start with YOUR outfit and mesh the others around that. Put yourself first! Be confident and LOVE what you wear.

YOU deserve that.  If you feel like you look good, you will love the photos! 

You love your family so they look good to you no matter what! 

Make sure you love how you look, too!

–Don’t get too matchy-matchy. Add in various textures, colors that mesh well with one another,

and don’t be afraid to pop in a splash of pattern.

-Basic isn’t a bad thing. Spice up basic pieces with layers (cardigans, layered button-ups, sweater, scarf). 

Layering adds some dynamic touches.

-Avoid super bold patterns. You want to look at the picture and notice your expressions, the vibe, not that super bold Hawaiian floral tee and neon pants Uncle Fred is rocking.

-Also, avoid pure white or red.  These colors take center stage and don't let you shine.  Cremes and beiges are great, though!  And burgundies, too.

-Lifestyle photos are usually more casual and laid back. 

Some of my fave places to shop for casual but unique basics… Old Navy (for layering), H&MZara, Lulus, and even Target.

-Make sure whatever outfits you choose, they are YOU.

If a frilly dress and a suit are not you, then skip them, especially for Lifestyle photos. The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable during the photos, so make sure your personalities and vibes are also a part of your decision-making when planning.

-Lay the outfits out on the floor and see how they mesh.

–If you have small kids, don't forget to bring along a small (non-messy) treat to bribe them!  Why is this a style issue?  If you have small kids, you know that tears are never in style!