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Fine Art Portrait

Heirloom works of art that look like paintings.

Beautiful Flower Girl





  • A phone or Zoom consultation call to discuss the details of your shoot.

  • A personalized and fully guided photoshoot in studio.  The duration of the shoot depends on the number of images you expect you will purchase

  • A reveal session over Zoom or in person within one week for you to choose 6 complimentary images.  All chosen images will be hand edited in detail in a painterly style.  

  • Your images will be given as 7x10 matted prints with the accompanying digital file (printable to 8x10).   



  • Additional images are available for purchase from your ordering session:

1-2 extra printed images, $250 each.

3-5 extra printed images, $200 each.

6+ extra printed images, $150 each.

  • Buy 10 or more extra images and receive a complimentary image box with a transparent cover for changing out cover images at will.

  • Wall art and other product options will also be available and discussed at your consultation before booking the session.


Most people spend $1999-$10,000.   



Professional hair and makeup styling is highly recommended for this shoot!   Plus, it's a lot of fun to be pampered!

Hair and Makeup


Your styling speaks volumes about you! 

Make sure you say the right thing! 



  • We will fully discuss the looks for the shoot ahead of time. 

  • Accessories such as hats, jewelry and wigs are a fun way to dress up and make truly next-level images. 

  • Bring vintage pieces handed down in your family.  

  • Fine-art portraits work best when the outfits are not every-day garments, but fancier or more costume-inspired.

  • Think dress-up.  We will work together to choose a vibe for the shoot, Victorian, romantic, royal, edgy, etc. 

  • On the way to the shoot be sure to wear loose clothes and undergarments to avoid skin lines.

  • Bring many undergarment choices to ensure you have something that works with every outfit. 

  • Test your clothing choices long before your shoot day to make sure it all works!

  • Bring alternates with you on the day of the shoot in case of a wardrobe malfunction or in case you would like more than one look.

  • Make sure your clothing is free of lint and hair on the day BEFORE coming to your shoot! 


  • If you are having hair and makeup done, come with fresh, clean, and moisturized skin and clean, dry hair. 

  • Bring powder or a compact in case the day is hot, to eliminate unwanted shine after the makeup artist leaves set. 

  • If you are coming hair and makeup ready, your look will depend on the consultation and wardrobe choices.  

  • Bring lipstick or lip balm.  The hardest thing to fix in retouching is a poor lipstick application. 

  • DON'T WEAR GLASSES right before the shoot.  They may create indentations on your face.    

  • DRINK LOTS OF WATER in the days leading up to the shoot so your skin glows! 

Antique Rose
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