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Like outdoor family sessions, I capture events a little bit candid, little bit posed, and a little bit in-between with guided posing. 

When documenting an event, I want to know the important people so I can be sure to capture memories you will enjoy looking back on for years to come.  I also make sure I know all the important details so that I won't miss any poignant moments!

Above all, I always try to truly capture the vibe of the event with a storytelling approach that allows you to relive the event from moment to moment.  




for the first 2 hours.

$200 p/hr 

after the first 2 hours 


  • A phone consultation call to fully go over your event and discuss all the details and important people.

  • An online gallery of all the best images delivered within two weeks.  All the best images will be edited for color and lighting.  Images will be downloadable and printable to 16x20.       


  • Digital images printed larger than 16x20.

  • Prints and products can be printed at any size from your online gallery.  Prices begin at $25


Most people spend $500-$5000.   

Event photographer Los Angeles


Professional hair and makeup styling can be arranged for you.

Hair and Makeup


Your styling speaks volumes about you! 

Make sure you say the right thing! 

Sweet Sixteen


  • Try on your outfit days before the event to make sure you love it.

  • Help your family dress to the vibe of the event so they all look great in the photos.

  • Solid colors or small patterns work best, even for events!  I have seen blue Hawaiian shirts at formal events and they can ruin a group shot!

  • Bulges in clothes are no good for anyone, but so are overly draped, shapeless fabrics.  Choose outfits that flatter your body.   

  • Belts, hates, jewelry and other accessories can make an image more interesting! 

  • Avoid logos

  • Avoid wrinkled material, unless its a linen or other purposefully wrinkled material.

  • Know that if you wear material that is transparent or see-through, it WILL be see through!

  • Remove hair bands from wrists!

  • Have an alternate outfit ready to go in case you change your mind at the last minute. 

  • Make sure your clothing is free of lint and hair BEFORE the event!


  • Give yourself enough time to get dressed and ready!  I've seen it happen where the organizer waits until the last minute and then they don't want to be in the photos because they don't love their look!    

  • Take a break every hour or so to check your hair and makeup in the bathroom. 

  • Drink lots of water in the days leading up to the event.  You will likely be stressed and your body needs the extra hydration! 

  • Style your hair in a way that you recognize as you.        

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