This is not your typical boudoir shoot.  I believe intimate photos should be authentic and soulful.  Vulnerable photos that captivate me are natural, emotive, in motion, real, and full of raw emotion.  See your body energy captured in beautiful imagery.  Make it a gift for yourself or make a lover feel truly cherished with the gift of you. 



  • A consultation call to fully go over your shoot.  We will talk about everything so I can get to know you and be able to customize your experience to fit you and your specific wants and needs.  I will also tell you how to prepare, including styling and skin prep.  And I will try to put your mind at ease, knowing this kind of shoot can take some bravery!

  • A private and discrete 1.5 hour photoshoot.  I provide the location, a client closet, fabrics, and full guidance so you can relax to have the most amazing experience! 

  • A reveal session in person or via Zoom within one week for you to choose the 20-25 images that will go in your complimentary 5x7 black linen album.  These images will be further edited and fine-tuned to look amazing.

  • The album will be arranged in an artistic way, placing images together that fit perfectly with an eye for style.  If you like, you can arrange it with me!  Your album will arrive within 3 weeks! 

  • Options to upgrade your album or purchase wall art. 

  • Lastly, and this is very rare in the boudoir world, you will get to keep 70+ proofs as digital downloads that will be printable to 4x6!  



  • $99 will book your shoot and hold your session day and time.  Don't worry, if for some reason you decide to cancel on or before your consultation, you will be fully refunded.  

  • A consultation call will take place within one week of booking where you will pay the remaining $900 to confirm your session.  

  • You will be given the option to upgrade your print products at the reveal session, including more images, bigger albums, or wall art options. 

  • A dream beach shoot can be yours for $599 additional.  Early morning shoots create the dreamiest light and the most private setting.  So if you're a morning person and you love the beach, this is for you!


Most people spend $999-3999.   


Boho Beauty_edited.jpg


Professional hair and makeup styling is optional and available for women (and men) as a valuable add-on if you'd like your look to be put in the hands of an expert.  Plus, it's a lot of fun to be pampered!

Hair and Makeup


Your styling speaks volumes about you! 

Make sure you say the right thing! 



  • Every woman has undergarments that they know they look their best in.  Bring those!

  • Bring black, white, and nude options!

  • If you have a sheer or lacy shawl or wrap you love, bring that!

  • Body suits can be incredibly beautiful on every body!

  • Test your clothing choices long before your shoot day to make sure it all works!

  • If you feel you don't have anything, don't worry!  I got you! I have plenty of fabrics, wraps, and body suits for you to choose from.

Want to purchase something new?  These shops have some great options,

but plan ahead for shipping!


  • Come with fresh and clean makeup, the way you love to be seen on a good day.  The way you feel good or your lover loves to see you.   

  • Bring anything you think you'll need to touch up during the shoot like concealer.  But don't worry, anything that is not permanent on your body will be retouched for the album images.  

  • Bring lipstick or lip balm.  Poor lipstick application can ruin a session! 

  • DON'T WEAR glasses right before the shoot unless you intend to keep them on throughout the shoot.  They may create lines/indentations on your face. 

  • Style your hair how you like to be seen, but no hair spray please!  Your hair needs to move and be touchable for this shoot!    

  • Drink lots of water in the weeks leading up to your shoot so your skin is glowy and hydrated. 

  • Moisturize from head to tow on the day of the shoot!

  • Lastly, please wear loose clothing on the way to the shot so there are no unsightly marks on your beautiful bod!