Body and Soul


Photography for the modern woman.  Experience an easy, natural, freeing photoshoot that connects you with your beautiful essence.   

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Be natural, be authentic, be vulnerable, be bold, be you and capture it in beautiful imagery. 

This is not a typical boudoir session where overtly sexual poses are expected and then you are told it is empowering.  This is more of a "getting in touch with your body" session that just happens to result in beautiful images of you that make you feel a new appreciation for yourself, your body and your soul. 

You will be guided into natural poses that are uniquely you.  Let your soul out. Do all the things you would do if you felt completely uninhibited and allowed yourself to honor your body, flaws, imperfections and all.  All the things that make you, you!   

  Many women like to have a reason that feels unselfish for a shoot like this and the album that comes with this shoot does make an amazing gift for a wedding night or an anniversary and is highly encouraged for that!  But this is also a powerful thing to do for #self care, as important as doing nails or going to the gym!  It's another thing you can do to connect with your body and honor all the work your body has done for you and you have done for it!  But if you do need a reason that feels less vain, there are so many!  Do it because you're celebrating being newly single.  Do it because you got pregnant or didn't get pregnant.  Do it because you survived an illness or a trauma.  Do it because it's your birthday, it's Mother's Day, it's Groundhog Day!  Do it because of whatever the hell compels you to take a breath and mark this moment in time and cherish your life. 

Document this day, document a decade from now, and another decade after to celebrate how you've grown and changed and that you made it.  You're alive and the body you are in right now is still holding your magnificent soul! 

Embrace your stretch marks, scars, battle wounds, all the things that lovers love about you.  Love them for yourself!  They make you, you!  Whenever you're worn-down you can look at yourself on this day and remember you're a passionate human full of spirit and life and love at any age, body and soul. 

Located in Agoura Hills, California and serving Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.