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Body and Soul Studios

Photography for the modern woman who believes in more.
My photography style in this genre is ever evolving. 
Please stay tuned for updates!

Be natural, be authentic, be vulnerable, be bold, be you. 

Get in touch with your body and soul.  Take time to appreciate that your body carries your spirit through life.  Honor your body and have gratitude for all it does and feels.  

You will be guided into natural poses that are uniquely you, while also making space for you to do all the things you would do if your mind gave your body the freedom to be completely uninhibited.  Sway, spin, dance, laugh, use your bod!  Allow yourself to honor your body, flaws, imperfections and all.  All the things that make you, you!  It's one of the hardest thing for modern women in Western culture to do, but if you can do it, it is transcendent!  

   An intimate photoshoot is an experience, like meditation, yoga, or even taking care of your hair, skin, and nails.  It's another thing you can do to connect with your body and honor all the work your body has done for you and you have done for it!   

Take a breath, mark this moment in time, and cherish your life. 

Document this day, document a decade from now, and another decade after to celebrate how you've grown and changed and that you made it.  You're alive and the body you are in right now is still holding your magnificent soul! 

Embrace your stretch marks, scars, battle wounds, all the things that lovers love about you.  Love them for yourself!  They make you, you!  Whenever you're worn-down you can look at yourself in images from this day and remember you're a passionate human full of spirit and life and love at any age, body and soul.  You are beautiful at every age, differently beautiful as your life builds experience and mindful abundance in every decade.   

Located in Agoura Hills, California and serving Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

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